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SMASH Berlin is anouncing a new 3-month intensive program - SMASH #7, running from mid August to mid November 2015. We're very pleased to be offering two scholarships for this program.

For SMASH #7 we'll be joined by a whole new team of teachers (Sonja Pregrad, Lisa Densem, Clément Layes, Diego Agulló, Alessio Castellacci, and more), we have new topics to explore and experiment within, and new chances to grow and play together! 

The deadline to apply for SMASH #7 is May 15th. Be sure to check out the full program details here.

Each year SMASH hosts a series of public lectures - this year they'll focus on our place as human beings within nature and our surroundings. Stay tuned for exact dates.

SMASH Berlin is a temporary, non-hierarchical educational platform that gives visibility to the multifaceted scene of contemporary dance in Berlin. The program focuses on the performative body with a hands-on approach to its expanded, transformative, contradictory and imaginative states.