"Kaspomanija" is a DVD testament published by  the Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance  in 2002 as an homage to Croatian choreographer and contemporary dance pioneer Milana Broš (1930- ) through the lens of the history of her dance collective KASP (Komorni  Ansambl  Slobodnog Plesa - Chamber Ensemble of Free Dance). This is a historical publication as it is represents the first publication of its kind and  in electronic format on the topic of contemporary dance.

The DVD  features critical texts published at the time about the author and the company including press reviews, interviews with other artists and the author herself along with photos and a short film; it follows the development of this remarkable author who has  inspired generations of dance makers in the region.

The DVD features the  history of one of the most dynamic of dance companies  of the times and within the region: internationally acclaimed and relevant KASP (Komorni ansambl slobodnog plesa - Chamber Ensemble of Free Dance). As such the DVD  brings to life one of the most prolific times in the context of contemporary dance developments in Croatia and in the region. 

Milana Broš, following a brief stint as dancer with the Croatia National Ballet, embarked on her journey as an independent author first through  Pionirsko Kazalište  (today Zagrebačko kazalište mladih) followed in 1962 by the initiation of   the Experimental Group of Free Dance (Eksperimentalna grupa slobodnog plesa) which later became the Chamber Ensemble of Free Dance (Komorni ansambl slobodnog plesa - popularly known as KASP).  Three generations of dance artists which followed comprised of numerous individuals who in time were instrumental to the development of the more recent and more diverse contemporary dance community in Croatia and beyond. The   role that KASP played, which also includes numerous international  awards and presentations at festivals across Europe, and  its impact on the overall dance scene still resonates  on current developments in Croatian contemporary dance.  

The heritage of Milana Broš and KASP  is not only important for contemporary dance in Croatia, but is relevant to the development of   the avant-garde  trends in Croatia contemporary art during the middle part of the past century.  For all of these reasons the Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance, as producer of Dance Week Festival commissioned a full evening work  by Milana Broš on the occasion of the festival's 20th anniversary  "KASP Revival" - a collage and remount of earlier works from the perspective of the author herself reflecting on her own past as author.

Following this  successful remount, the Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance was encouraged to proceed with the publication of the DVD "Kasmpomanija"  engaging  Slaven Dellale and  Maja Đurinović to process the material collected over the past decades and to present us with a dynamic glimpse into one of the most exciting periods in the development of Croatian contemporary dance.  Maja Đurinović  was a dancer in KASP, prior to becoming a recognized and published dance writer; Slaven Dellale was involved in the performing arts as light-designer and was the Technical Director of Dance Week Festival hence familiar with dance developments,  before he went on to become award winning architect.

The Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance, Mirna Žagar in particular, had spent several decades in collecting and  the processing the vast documentation pertaining to the work of Milana Broš. Mirna collaborated for a brief period with Milana Broš during  her latter years as Artistic Director for Community Dance and Workshops at the Student Cultural Centre in Zagreb. Materials were collected from several sources which included private collections as well as national and international TV stations, libraries and other institutions and organizations both in Croatia and across Europe (notably Italy, Slovenia, France, Austria, Germany). 

In 2007. Milana Broš was awarded by the Croatian Theatre Association (Nagrada hrvatskog glumišta) for her achievements as artist and this was also an acknowledgement of the remarkable dance collective KASP.