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Aside from its usual activities, Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance (HIPP) has also published the following books:
Dance Evolution: Ana Maletić - an Autobiography, is a book about choreographer, pedagogue  and Croatian dance pioneer Ana Maletić which offers  an overview of the earlier history and development of contemporary dance in Zagreb (Zagreb school of dance) and in Croatia. The intention behind this publication is to provide an analytical context and to document the history of contemporary dance in Zagreb, the birthplace of the contemporary dance idiom within the Croatian cultural context.

"Kaspomanija" is a DVD testament published by  the Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance  in 2002 as an homage to Croatian choreographer and contemporary dance pioneer Milana Broš (1930- ) through the lens of the history of her dance collective KASP (Komorni  Ansambl  Slobodnog Plesa - Chamber Ensemble of Free Dance). This is a historical publication as it is represents the first publication of its kind and  in electronic format on the topic of contemporary dance.

The DVD  features critical texts published at the time about the author and the company including press reviews, interviews with other artists and the author herself along with photos and a short film; it follows the development of this remarkable author who has  inspired generations of dance makers in the region.

The DVD features the  history of one of the most dynamic of dance companies  of the times and within the region: internationally acclaimed and relevant KASP (Komorni ansambl slobodnog plesa - Chamber Ensemble of Free Dance). As such the DVD  brings to life one of the most prolific times in the context of contemporary dance developments in Croatia and in the region. 

Active projects:

MAPAZ - Moving Academy for Performing Arts - Zagreb
Tjedan suvremenog plesa
Putevi plesa
Moving Beyond Inclusion
360° - Building Strategies for Communication in Contemporary Dance