Project duration:
Leading partner:
FLOTA, Murska sobota, SI


Beyond Front@ – Bridging New Territories is a new cycle of collaboration between dance organizations in Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary and the UK. The project aims to promote interest for contemporary dance among audiences and to build connections between larger urban centers were contemporary dance is established with regional centers where there is growing interest for the art form.

The partner organization strive to create inspirational encounters between artists and audiences, increase opportunity for collaboration among artists from partnering countries, facilitate information flow to audiences across borders on dance initiatives in the region and across Europe.

Promoting and facilitating better understanding of contemporary dance among audiences at large as well as artistic collaboration is manifested through activities such as: presentation, research, coproduction, conference, publication, information dissemination. Partners in the project are: Flota Zavod (SI), Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance (HR), Verein fur neue Tanzformen (AT),Offenes Haus Oberwart (AT), Pro Progressione (HU), Greenwich Dance Agency (UK)